Welcome To My Kimmy Granger Blog!


Kimmy Granger was born on August 10th, 1995 in San Diego, California. Ms Granger is a petite 5’1 and weighs 98 lbs.

Kimmy Granger Measurements are 32B-24-34.

You can also Tweet or just follow Kimmy Granger at her Twitter page here.

And her booking page is located here.

One thought on “Welcome To My Kimmy Granger Blog!”

  1. Eddie Broda says:

    Kimmy you have something special.

    Think Katy Perry, Jay-z, or Missy Elliot:

    they started their OWN record labels because they KNEW they were the bomb and they weren’t going to let some bullshit parasites take all of the reward (i.e. Credit, notoriety, MONEY!!) for the gifts the universe gave them. Find some talented supporters to help you build your own PORN COMPANY (or whatever gets the Lion’s share of the rewards in your business).

    If you just show up as another pussy with a pretty face – well candidly I (and the world) will be more than a little disappointed.

    Ok – I’m done.

    Remember- IKNIAJAPM!!

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